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understand that wie geht man mit bitcoins um there's like there's about 100 people full time if now I don't personally proofread every single thing that goes on the site and. And one of the things that came out was that they had 1 million Bitcoin cash that's pretty big deal. Bitcoin, cash, responded, ver. Why Has the Bitcoin Price Continued to Go Up, Even with High Transaction Fees?

Bitcoin network in August of this year. Some have said this would indicate bitcoin is fulfilling its promise as a sort of digital gold, but Ver does not agree with this theory.

Their financials have come out they own a lot of Bitcoin Cash, certainly they have an economic incentive to get this resolved. How soon is the Bitcoin cash prize going to surpass the Bitcoin price, it will happen as soon as people realize that Bitcoin cash is more useful as cash then Bitcoin is and two years, three years maybe four somewhere in that ballpark I would. RV: I'm hoping within this year, is the goal. Much like Ver now has most of his cryptocurrency wealth in Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong now holds more ether than he does bitcoin, according to Fortune. CG: a massive site, one of the biggest news sites and influences to new investors and newcomers with a top domain name. . Ver added that the bitcoin price could go much higher over the short term but the fundamentals are with Bitcoin Cash over the long term. Coinbase and fo, which are perhaps the two most widely-used services in the cryptocurrency industry have both implemented the ability to hold and transact ether in their core products. And I realized that this is going to change everything because now there's suddenly money that nobody can control and people can send and receive it with anyone. CG: Bitmain have been in the news recently with their IPO. The CEO stated that there were a lot of people in the industry that had different priorities and wanted to see cryptocurrencies imbibe other characteristics.

Crypto, show, longtime, bitcoin angel investor and, CEO. Roger Ver, who has been referred. Bitcoin, jesus due to his early adoption and advocacy of the technology, shared his thoughts.

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