fuzzy forex

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Medium risk, medium profitable. These inference systems are known as Type 1 system and Type 2 system. It can use 3 basic techniques: Hedge (Fedezeti ügylet to short/long a stock whose price tendencyously moves against a price of another stock or Currency (Valuta) longed/shorted to eliminate risk of loss from adverse price movement. This is the time we can use fuzzy logic to develop a decision making system. We are always dealing with shades of grey. Shtml (Excel Add-in, C forráskd, XML-es felület, Win XP install, financial applications) Easy. Arbitrage (Arbitrázs short/long a stock very rapidly (1 day-some hours) to make profit from minor price fluctuations. M xj, yj vectors of. If there was Baisse, Bear (csökkenés) then we Loose (veszt). Slany,.: Towards the Automatic Evolutionary Prediction of the forex Market Behaviour.