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we prefer to trade power candles on the Daily time frame. So we have a strong trend followed by consolidation which leads to a breakout in the prevailing direction. Another way to identify more significant levels of support and resistance in terms of trend reversals is based off previously established significant highs (peaks) and lows (valleys). (enter the market shot with a sell order, or enter the market long with a buy order and which to exit. Power candles are the early warning sign that a decisive move has taken place and an early warning flag to expect further continuation in that direction. Heres an illustration of the characteristics we just discussed. Its very clear from the anatomy and structure of a Power Candle that they are caused by a very decisive and aggressive move in one clear direction. We have been dedicated price action traders since the beginnings of our trading careers; regardless of the various different strategies and methods we have applied to markets, with varying degrees of success(and failure price action trading strategies have remained the exclusive core of our strategies. Without having identified those two components in advance a doji, as is the case with any other solo indicator, is nothing more than a coin-toss in terms of determining probabilities.

It contains all three formations above and shows you the exact characteristics I look for when developing a trade idea. The bearish engulfing pattern below occurred on the audusd daily chart. If not, you may want to visit this post and then come right back. As you can see, the pair had carved out a wedge pattern.

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High probability trades are identified through a convergence of trading signals that help identify and confirm both entries and exits based on two key components: (1) trend (2) support resistance. We can observe the outcome of the markets response to the news by looking at how candlesticks close, not by trying to quickly make sense of the NFP data that has just been released and jumping in with dangerous volatility. Power, candles can frequently be fueled by a high-impact news event that has taken place, which has caused a surge of orders in a specific direction. Its best to enter in with the momentum like this for the extra confirmation the bearish pressure is still there to drive prices lower. Its also what makes it such a lucrative signal. Its easy to spot when you have your chart setup to trade Forex price action It provides a favorable place to hide your stop loss The pin bar can be extremely profitable when correctly utilized They are effective on both the daily and 4-hour time. Always remember that a bullish engulfing pattern at a swing low is a sign of potential strength. Below are some examples of Power. The body represents the open and close of a pin bar and can vary in size. DojiBullish DojiBearish DojiLong- daily EUR/USD 4hr USD/CHF, the following example illustrates what that single 4hr doji candlestick looks like when broken down to 5 min sessions, or periods (Note: it would be great to better visually display the zoom from this 4hr USD/CHF candlestick. Notice how after an extended move lower, the nzdjpy found support and subsequently formed a bullish pin bar.

Whereas a trader with only a 33 win ratio will have break-even results while maintaining a 2:1 risk-to-reward ratio. A power candle is a basic single candle formation containing a very large and thick body; think along the lines of a marubozu). The next one HAS to be tails! The first is a bullish pin bar that occurred on the nzdjpy daily chart.

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