ambis bitcoin trading fraud

were able to quickly deduce that z ponzi scam had NOT demonstrated any legitimate proof that they are trading BTC. Lets list out the troubling facts. This already has the makings of a shady scam and we havnet even gotten very far. Why would a legitimate and successful BTC trading investment site offer their URL for sale?

Thus, many investors have been left penniless when the exchanges they signed up for turn out to be traps. As a highly sought after cryptocurrency with a value of over 2,400 USD per coin, Bitcoins have solidified themselves as a lucrative investment for any type of entity today. We also have a dedicated Litecoin division, which includes the Litevault and platforms. Lets be clear, real investment programs dont need to offer referral links to build up their investor base. They will not continue for very long after we publish our evidence based review.