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the United States. Starting this week, investors are able to trade Bitcoin futures on the Cboe Futures Exchange. The CME Groups Bitcoin contracts will be subject to a variety of risk management tools to regulate trading of the volatile cryptocurrency, he added, including an initial margin of 35 percent as well as position and intraday price limits. In December 2018, US lawmakers proposed legislation designed to prevent bitcoin price manipulation and position the US as a market leader. Haydar Haba, a partner at, andra Capital, a new growth fund thats democratizing the venture capital space, thinks that we are still a few months away from seeing confidence from institutional money. Featured Image from Shutterstock. Over the summer, the multi-billion-dollar endowments of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford stunned Wall Street after revealing that they had invested in cryptocurrencies. During this period, prices diverged wildly across digital asset exchanges, with South Korean exchange Bithumb reporting prices above 19,000, according.

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Interesting Weeks Ahead, with a matter of weeks until the potential approval of cboes Bitcoin ETF and the custody solution from Coinbase already up and running, it appears now would be the time for the first round of new institutional money to enter the market. We have been very active with Congress, with policymakers, said Jeremy Allaire, the co-founder of Circle, a crypto unicorn with a 3 billion valuation. Nasdaq is also reportedly planning to launch a Bitcoin futures contract in 2018, according. He told blokt : Many investors require custody solutions, so a service like Coinbase Custody is particularly good for traditional investors who seek custody solutions for their securitized assets. . We believe well see early adoption toward the end of this year and early next year. The Chicago-based options exchange launched the new futures contracts late Sunday afternoon, in time for the start of global trading hours. Therefore I assume most institutional investors would wait for cboe ETF since it is in the pipeline already. As Wall Street appears poised for more turbulence, analysts say crypto assets could be buoyed because they are not correlated to the regular stock market making current bitcoin them a good investment during volatile periods. II Deep Dive: Will Options Trading Bring Institutional Investors to Bitcoin?

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